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'What Are You Gonna Do, You Gonna Arrest Me?': Woman's Confrontation With Border Patrol Officers Caught On Camera (Video)

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A woman had an intense confrontation with border patrol agents after being pulled over for suspicious behavior.

Video of the incident, posted below, showed a woman named Jessica Cooke interacting with officers after they stopped her for suspicious behavior. The officers informed Cooke that she needed to wait for dogs to arrive so her car could be searched.

“What are you gonna do? Arrest me?” she asked. The male officer then told Cooke that she was allowed to leave, but that she’d have to leave her car parked for the search to be conducted. When Cooke continued to yell at the officer, he threatened to spike her tires.

“I’m telling you to stand over here out of the way,” the officer said.

“Go ahead and touch me,” Cooke replied. When the officer touched Cooke, she began yelling profanities at him, prompting him to hit her with a taser.

“Are you f****** retarded?” she said. “Get it out of me now!”

“You assaulted a federal officer,” the other officer replied. 

Sources: The Blaze, YouTube

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