What are People Saying About: Trayvon Martin's Alleged Checkered Past

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A report on Monday details Trayvon's Martin's alleged checkered school record, which includes suspensions for marijuana possession and having a screwdriver, which the school said was a "burglary tool" used to steal jewelry. This led us to ask on the Opposing Views Facebook page: Does this change your mind about his killing? Here is a sample of the responses:

Walter Abington: What does his past have to do with getting shot to death unarmed?

Cynthia Sanders Hood: It's so sad when we try to blame the victim. It's just sick.

Joe Pervan: IF more information comes out that this kid was hardly a choirboy, and this Zimmerman guy was an otherwise upstanding citizen.

Melanie Wright: No it doesn't change how I think about this. Mischievous or at worst, a thief, still doesn't justify the shooting of an unarmed person. That is, unless the person with the gun, Zimmerman, was truly defending himself, which can only be known for sure by him now. Regardless, this is tragic.

Dennis Hayward: At this point Trayvon could have had a severed head wrapped in his hoodie and a bloody knife in his hands and most fools would refuse to see the truth.

Deana L. Kirby: no, it doesnt change my view. It doesnt matter what this kid did! Zimmerman was not appointed judge and jury! He was not a registered neighborhood watchman and was told to not pursue him. If a strange person approached me i would swing on them as well!

Frank Kerner:I don't know if it's a good idea to release this information to the public.Is it relevant to let the public know that he was found with this stuff and that they the screwdriver was a burglary tool? This will only fuel both sides of the fire and create more controversy for each side / opinion of the case, which contains few details. This gets crazier by the day, right?


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