What Are People Saying About: Tommy Jordan Shooting His Daughter's Laptop Over Her Facebook Post?

As Opposing Views reported,Tommy Jordan shot up his 15-year-old daughter's laptop after she wrote a Facebook post complaining about the chores she has to do at home for free. In retaliation, Jordan destroyed her computer and posted a video of the shooting on YouTube.

What are people saying about the laptop shooting? Here are some comments taken from OV's Facebook wall:

Dave Wurz of Albuquerque, New Mexico: This guy is a real jerk; who's more childish, him or his daughter!

James Roe of Northern Indiana, IN: I say good goddamn job!! Maybe if we started giving REAL punishments to our youth instead of pacifying them, we might actually get a little more respect.

Julio C. Pecina of North Shore Senior High School: I think he did right in doing what he thinks is good parenting. Some kids are just all about self and not caring about family, especially their parents who they see as slaves.

Sharon Crawford: I don't think a gun should ever be involved in punishing your child, no matter what they said or did. What a horrible example. This guy is psychotic. He should have his guns taken away.

Bekah Schlessman of Concordia, OR: He should be embarrassed of himself! Of course she is gonna complain, that's what kids and teens do....they complain. Its insane parenting like that that raises crazy out of control kids who turn into crazy adults that shoot their daughters computer.

Mary McClain: Good for him! It's about time parents are wise-ing up and taking control again....I just hope he stands by his word and makes her buy her OWN laptop next time....THAT'S where it will count or this was all for naught.

Vanessa Gonzalez of San Jacinto: Every kid complains, but she blasted her parents on fb. Talked more crap than a toilet, and tried to hide it from them. This Dad did what every parent should do, he DISCIPLINED her. I would have shot my childs laptop as well. Come on people, he shot a laptop, not a human!

Tracey Chambers of O'Fallon Township High School: I can see where she gets her disrespect from. Him. Why is she such a spoiled, entitled brat? Sounds to me like mommy and daddy gave her everything she wanted. That's the problem. Should she have said those things about her parents? No. She is 15 and kids sometimes vent just like adults do. She should have been punished but making the video and posting it for the whole world to see is just as disrespectful to her as her vent was about her parents. Sounds like there are many issues in that house. She had her parents blocked on Facebook? Why would her parents allow that? Why did he feel the need to go snooping? A lack of respect all around.

Halim Cillov, Film Critic at Cinespect: This is precisely the type of men who rape their own daughters!

Michael Beliveau of Diman Region Voc / Tech High: Good parenting? Why can't it just be his swift and terrible vengeance!Why does it always have to be good parenting? Every move we make, the question is asked. This Dad can destroy her computer if he feels he should.

Benjamin Gellman of Chicago: In America, shooting a teenagers laptop and filming it is considered to be rational behavior.

Mav Ulous of Wenatchee, Washington: Put the laptop away and out of sight. Shooting it might make a point, but parenting at the end of a gun sets the wrong example. Besides, now a new laptop will have to be purchased at some point. Good for the economy I guess, but if a parent can't demonstrate good parenting skills without a gun then maybe there is a deeper problem in this family.

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