What are People Saying About: Starbucks Boycott & Guns?

An anti-gun group started a boycott of Starbucks on Valentine's Day and said it will not call it off until the coffee chain bans guns in its shops. Starbucks said it stores simply comply with local laws. On the Opposing Views Facebook page, we asked the question, "would you go to Starbucks if guns were allowed inside?" Since guns are already allowed depending on where you live, there is a good chance that the person typing on their laptop next to you is packing heat. Here's a sample of what people are saying:

Joseph LaGrone: Guns ARE allowed inside & yes I DO go to Starbucks

Austin G. Lovett: Why would I not go? They are just abiding by local laws...are the protesters going to leave their county/city/state too?

Lynn Gleason: No. So sick and tired if this gun garbage. If you're someone who is feeling the need to tote around a gun everywhere, ask yourself what it is you're so afraid of, not 'Which other pointless location can I suddenly feel the need to be armed?'

Paula Qualls Gurley: I didn't go today, but will go twice tomorrow. Sick of those who try to extort companies who don't tow their "line". I don't own a gun but I don't need the anti-gun lobby in my business.

Thomas Todd: I will boycott Starbucks out of opposition to this policy. You rarely hear of crimes being prevented because an establishment allows customers to carry. How do we know they are capable marksmen and wouldn't shoot an innocent customer. Most gun owners are not good marksmen. That's why most gun accidents happen within families and in the home of the gun owner.

Richard Schnittger: Starbucks will set a record on sales today because of the millions of pro-gun people that showed their support. I didnt see one anti gun person.

Rebecca & Matt Eberharter: I go to Starbucks BECAUSE they are in favor of our constitutional right to bare arms. Anti gun people are ignorant.

Dennis Hayward: I willingly support ANY business that allows American citizens to exercise their Constitutional rights. Being anti-gun is the same as being anti-freedom. 

Ricky Barnes: I fully support Starbucks' approach - whatever the local law happens to be, and in the interest of respecting the customer's maximum liberties, they follow the standards of the community in which the shop does business... Starbucks sells beverages, they aren't the police.


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