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This Is What a 1,000+ Pound, Record-Breaking Alligator Looks Like

A family in Alabama hunted down a mammoth, record-breaking Alligator over the weekend, reports.

The 15-foot long, 1,000+ pound beast shatters the Alabama state record for the biggest Alligator, and may soon be declared a new world record as well.

The hunt took 10 hours. When the gator was finally killed and brought ashore, it instantly broke the winch system usually used by Alabama wildlife officials to lift alligators out of the water. The family had to call in a tractor to hoist it.

Want to see what this record breaking alligator looks like? Here are a few photos, taken by Sharon Steinmann of

Pretty incredible, isn’t it? Just for the record, Alligator hunting is completely legal in Alabama. 

Image credit: Sharon Steinmann,


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