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'God Hates Robin Williams' Westboro Baptist Church Tweets, Threatening To Picket His Funeral

The infamous Westboro Baptist Church tweeted this week that actor Robin Williams is “going to hell” because he was “hated by God.”

"It appears a career of mocking filth led @robinwilliams to suicide, God having required his soul this day," WBC tweeted on Monday, when the 63-year-old actor was found dead in his San Francisco home.

The group is tweeting about Williams under the hashtags “MustPicketFuneral” and “RobinMockedGod.”

WBC is already in the San Francisco area to picket Apple, Google and, ironically, Twitter. The church picketed Williams' memorial Tuesday, according to CBS News.

“We in Bay Area with ‘Robin in Hell’ signs. Show us the memorial/candlelight vigil service! #havesignwilltravel!” it said.

According to all evidence, God hates Robin Williams & he’s in hell.

— Westboro Baptist (@WBCSays) August 13, 2014

WBC quoted Steven Spielberg who called Williams “a lightening storm of comedic genius," arguing that “he was a hot mess! Given great talent then #cursed 'coz he didn't give glory to God!”

The church also considered picketing the late actor’s home.

“Great place for a relevant and meaningful picket! @dansimoncnn: Outside Robin Williams former home in San Francisco,” it tweeted.

The group tweeted images of Robin Williams in flames and a picture of him sitting next to Nathan Lane labelling him a “fag enabler.”

Westboro Baptist Church to picket @Apple headquarters TOMORROW! News Release: PS: um, He's in

— Westboro Baptist (@WBCSays) August 12, 2014

Sources: The IndependentCBS SF Bay Area

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / John Lemieux, Westboro Baptist Church


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