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Westboro Baptist Church Celebrates Orlando Massacre

The massacre at an Orlando nightclub early in the morning on June 12 is the largest mass shooting in recent American history. Perpetrator Omar Mateen was responsible for killing 49 and injuring 53 others at Orlando's Pulse nightclub.

While the country mourns, and many around the world sympathize with those who have lost friends and loved ones, the ultra-conservative, anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church took to Twitter several hours after the shooting to proclaim "God sent the shooter."

The WBC reportedly believes the shooting is "only right for Sodom America!" according to Inquisitr.  WBC routinely makes such statements after mass shootings take place: last year, it used the same "God sent the shooter" phrase to describe alleged Charleston shooter Dylann Roof.

Part of the series of tweets WBC sent out in relation to the Orlando shooting shared a link to its parody song "Shooters Keep Comin' Around," according to The Advocate.

One tweet reads: "God Sent the Shooter to Orlando Fag Club."

Another says: “Adds a whole new meaning to fag chant, ‘We’re #1, we’re #1!'"

Members of the church have been known in the past to picket the funerals of celebrities, athletes, soldiers and other groups.  A number of members recently traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, to protest the funeral of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

WBC reportedly believes Mateen was sent by God, according to Inquisitr.

It is expected that members of the church will make their way to Orlando in the next few weeks to picket the funerals of victims.

Sources: Inquisitr, The Advocate / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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