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'He Has Done This Before': Man Allegedly Has Sex With His Dog, Arrested For Animal Cruelty

In an alleged act of utter depravity, a West Virginian man has been arrested and charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty after officials received word that he had sex with his two-year old beagle, Piglet.

Once in police custody, Jonnie Boggess, 47, admitted to the act, saying that he had “gentle sexual intercourse” with the dog.  

A local animal rescue initially received a complaint from a concerned neighbor that alleged Boggess was having sex with his dog. The animal rescue then contacted State Police in Quincy, West Virginia according to Sgt. Larry O’Bryan.

When CBS 13 in West Virginia spoke to a few of Boggess’ neighbors, none seemed shocked at the possibility that Boggess was capable of such an act.

One neighbor replied, "He has done this before, with animals before, and it's no shock."

It remains unclear how the anonymous source found out about the alleged acts of bestiality. 

Another neighbor added, "It takes a sick mind to do something like that. That's one person," he said.  "Everyone around Cabin Creek is not like that. Just judge him, don't judge us.  It's definitely not all of us."

According to court documents about the specific night in question, Boggess said he had been drinking and when he laid down in bed, Piglet was there. “Boggess stated that when he had finished having intercourse that he held Piglet, petted her, and told Piglet that he loved her,” said Trooper N.M. Manolakos.

Boggess said that his girlfriend later told him that she had heard Piglet yelping but he assured her he was not hurting the dog. Boggess explained to troopers that he had thought the act was legal since Piglet was more than 40 lbs. and had been spayed.

Boggess’ bail was set at $5,000 or 10 percent cash. Shortly after the hearing his bail was paid and Boggess was free to go.

Piglet remains in the custody of animal control. 

Source: Charleston Daily Mail, CBS 13


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