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Police Find Underweight 3-Year-Olds, Parents Charged With Neglect

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A Fairmont, West Virginia, couple was arrested and charged with eight counts of child neglect after practically starving their young children, according to police.

Gabrielle and Thomas McCaulley, 22 and 23 respectively, have been arrested after police found their 3-year-old boys drastically underfed for their age.

The abuse was first discovered when Fairmont Police responded to a report for the death of an infant child. When they arrived at the McCaulley family home, they found a “deplorable” standard of living.

There was a mattress on the floor of the bathroom for the twin boys. The room included no working light and a lock to keep them inside. The house also included a plywood floor, scorch marks from a fireplace, bags of garbage, bottles of curdled milk and a general rotting smell throughout.

The 3-year-old boys each weighed 18 pounds in February of 2014, according to court documents. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that a 3-year-old boy weigh around 33 pounds.

Mrs McCaulley reportedly claimed that her twin boys constantly throw up and cannot digest red or blue dyes. McCaulley added that the boys reportedly eat on a constant basis and she doesn’t know why they keep losing weight.

Her claims seem questionable, however, considering the twin boys were taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital and gained two pounds each in just five days. They were diagnosed with psychosocial dwarfism, which is caused by deprivation, emotional stress or neglect.

“Basically they were 3 years old but were the size of a 1-year-old,” detective Jeannette Williamson of the sheriff’s department said.

Mr and Mrs McCaulley were each charged with two counts of child neglect resulting in injury and two counts of child neglect creating risk of injury. They are currently at the North Central Regional Jail each being held with a $200,000 bond.

Sources: WBOY, Times of West Virginia

Photo Credit: WBOY


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