West Virginia Man Accused of Sex with Dog, Neighbors Not Surprised (Video)


Jonnie Boggess was arrested yesterday for allegedly having sex with his dog in the home he shares with his girlfriend in Miami, W. Va.

The unidentified girlfriend or a neighbor reportedly alerted an animal rights group, which called West Virginia State Police in Quincy, W. Va., and claimed that Boggess was engaging in sex with his pet Beagle "Piglet."

According to the Charleston Daily Mail, Boggess told Trooper N.M. Manolakos that he had been having “gentle sexual intercourse” with "Piglet" over the summer, but thought it was legal because the dog weighs over 40 pounds and had been spayed (video below).

“[Boggess] stated that when he had finished having intercourse that he held ‘Piglet’, petted her, and told ‘Piglet’ that he loved her,” Trooper Manolakos wrote in his police report.

"He said he wished he hadn’t done it,” Sgt. Larry O’Bryan told WVGazette.com. “He said he was drunk when he did it.”

A Kanawha County Animal Control humane officer removed the dog from the home.

Boggess was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty, but bailed out of jail after posting a $5,000 bond.

"He has done this before, with animals before, and it's no shock," an unidentified neighbor told WOWK-TV.

A second neighbor added, "It takes a sick mind to do something like that."

Sources: WOWK-TV, WVGazette.com, Charleston Daily Mail


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