Inmates Reportedly Attack Two Men In Prison For Crimes Against Children


A jail in Princeton, W. Va. has just charged four inmates in two separate instances of jail violence. These two incidents, while occurring on the same day, are thought to be unrelated.

The first set of attackers targeted inmate James Irvin, 56. The two attackers have been identified by officials as Bradford Spencer, 41, and Shannon Comer (age not disclosed).

Irvin was reportedly targeted due to the nature of the crimes for which he is incarcerated. The 56 year-old man was arrested for sex crimes against children after he "claimed to be a warlock in order to assault young girls," according to police.

The two inmates beat Irvin with their handcuffs upon learning of his crimes. Irvin is now being treated for wounds he suffered to his head.

Spencer and Comer are each being charged with unlawful wounding and conspiracy, WVVA reports.

In a separate incident at the same jail on the same day, Stephen Reed, 32, and Mark Marshall, 33, attacked another inmate, Cassidy Byrd. Byrd is currently incarcerated for abusing his infant son to death.

Reed and Marshall are each being charged with battery. Authorities have not disclosed Byrd’s condition at this point.


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