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Florida Police: Drugs Found In Baby's Stroller, Mother Charged

A Florida mother is facing charges after she was found pushing her baby around in a stroller that had drugs in it, police say.

Police arrested the woman identified as Briana Sue Hoxter on July 9, in Greenacres, Florida, WPTV reported. The 25-year-old appeared in court in West Palm Beach on July 10 and was charged with trying to sell drugs while pushing her baby in a stroller.

Officers say they found heroin in the stroller Hoxter was pushing. The stroller also held the anxiety medicine, alprazolam, more commonly known by one of its brand names, Xanax, and other drug paraphernalia, WPTV reported. 

Hoxter admitted to snorting alprazolam before the officer’s arrival, according to police. 

She has been charged with drug possession and child abuse, WPBF reported. Her child was taken into the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

Source: WPTV, WPBF / Photo credit: WPTV, David Thompson/Flickr


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