Wesley Snipes Loses Appeal, Remains in Jail


The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in Atlanta, has rejected an appeal by actor Wesley Snipes, who was convicted in 2008 of willful failure to file income tax returns.

Snipes' defense lawyers claimed that they received emails from former jurors stating misconduct among other jurors. One of the former jurors said in an email that three other jurors admitted that they had determined Snipes was guilty before the trial began.

A federal court rejected Snipes' request for a new trial in June and noted that there were reasons to question the allegations made in the emails. The 11th Circuit upheld the ruling, stating that there wasn't "strong, substantial and incontrovertible evidence" to require a new trial.

Snipes started a three-year prison term in a Pennsylvania prison in December. His projected date of release is July 19, 2013.

Defense attorney Dan Meachum said he was disappointed with the court's decision. Snipes still feels that he "did not receive a fair trial."


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