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'We're Not Sure If They're Even Alive': Police Ask For Help In Identifying Potential Victims (Photos)

Florida police are asking the public for help in identifying several women, some of whom they fear may no longer be alive.

The Windermere Police Department released 14 crime bulletins along with photos of nine women on Dec. 8, News 13 reports. Authorities are hoping to check on the safety and well-being of the unidentified women.

“We are not sure if they are harmed,” Chief David Ogden told News 13. “We’re not sure if they’re safe. We’re not sure if they’re even alive, to be honest with you. Some of our biggest fears are that these cases are so old that maybe there’s somebody out there that isn’t alive any longer. That’s why this is critical and that’s why it’s important.”

The police did not say why they were looking for these women, but they did note the pictures were taken before 2011. According to WKMG police said the photos were screen-grabs from videos that were recorded between 2008 and 2013.

They believe the women are from the Central Florida area.

James Copenhaver, a former FBI task force agent, said the images, which show women in compromising positions, hint at potential foul play.

“Keep in mind these women are potentially victims, unwitting or unknowing that they’re victims,” Copenhaver, who now works as a private investigator in Florida, told the news station. “If you're give some type of alcohol or substance and you fall asleep or you're passed out, certainly one could take advantage of these women.

“It could have been a lethal dose that could have actually taken the life of one or more of these women.”

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(Pictures of unidentified women that police released. Photo Credit: Windmere Police via News 13)

After posting the photos, police had identified six of the nine women on Dec. 9, according to WKMG. They still are looking to check up on  some of the women, noted News 13.

“No matter what occurred to these women, they’re mothers, daughters, sisters and they need to be located and identified, to make sure they are OK and safe,” Copenhaver told News 13.

Sources: News 13 (2), WKMG / Photo credit: Windmere Police via News 13

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