Officials Trying to Solve Snake Nesting Problem In The Local Sewers Of Wenatchee, Wash.


It seems like the worst nightmares of some could potentially come true in a small town in Washington state this month.

Reports have come from Wenatchee, Washington that a nest of snakes has been living in local sewer pipes. 

City engineer Gary Owen has been managing the situation, though he is unsure exactly what species of snake he is dealing with.

According to King 5 news, “the snakes might have tried to exit the sewer through toilets, but Owen says the snakes were sealed off and entombed when a new liner was put in the sewer pipe.”

Townspeople are counting on Owen, since this situation could culminate in a disaster (or at least a major shock to some unlucky citizens) if not dealt with properly.

Sources: King 5.com


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