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Wen Jones, The Former Marine Who Was Badly Beaten After Coming To The Aid of a Bullied Teenager, Says He Would Do It Again (Video)

The man who stepped in to stop a group of 20 year olds that were bullying a 14-year-old boy is being called “a true Samaritan” by the father of the harassed teenager.

Wen Jones, a former Marine and father of two, was at the beach near his home in Jupiter, Florida when he witnessed a group of men harassing some teenagers and one of the teenager’s fathers. According to reports, the men were kicking sand in the teens’ faces and yelling racial slurs at the 14-year-old, who was black.

As the teen’s father, Leroy Wright, went to get a baseball bat from his truck in an attempt to stop the harassment, Jones decided to take action. In trying to do the right thing, he was severely beaten by the 20-year-old men. Jones suffered a concussion, a fracture under his eye, and bad bruises from the incident. He was brought to the hospital, where doctors had to give him stitches on his face and operate on his fracture.

The three men, now identified as 20-year-olds Eric Deiter, Tyler Carswell, and Cody Roon, fled the scene following the beat down, but were all eventually arrested and charged with aggravated battery. They have not yet been charges with a hate crime for the use of racial slurs against the teen and his father.

Jones says that despite his injuries, he would do it all again if he had to.

“I'm not happy to have been injured pretty severely,” Jones said to the Sun Sentinel, “but at the same time, I ask myself, would I do it again? You know, it was the right thing to do, so I probably would.”

Wright says that he is beyond grateful for the actions that Jones took that day.

“I feel like this man literally risked his life, because he saw a situation that was bad,” Wright said. “Out of all the people that was standing around on the beach that day, he was the only one that stood up against these guys. If he didn’t receive a Purple Heart when he was in the military serving, he deserves one now, because he’s a true Samaritan.”

Wright and Jones have not spoken since the incident, but both apparently hope it will happen soon.


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