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Man Finds Disgusting Surprise In His Dinner

If you made a list of things you’d least like to find in a meal, a tongue-eating parasite would have to rank close to the top of it. That’s about as unappetizing as it gets.

Paul Poli, a 62-year-old man, had the displeasure of finding just that in his dinner recently.

Poli was set to bight into a fresh cut of Sea Bass he’d purchased from his local Morrison’s grocery store when he saw the parasite. The parasite, identified as cymothoa exigua, is commonly referred to as the tongue-eating louse. Yum.

“It was about 3cm long and 8mm wide, luckily just big enough for me to see it before I put it in my mouth,” Poli told Metro.

Morrison’s apologized to Poli and offered him a bottle of wine and a $30 voucher for his troubles. How sweet. The store offered the following explanation for their mistake:

“Sometimes fish often pick up parasites naturally from their eco system,” a Morrison’s representative said. “Although we make every effort to screen these out during the skinning or packaging processes, they may be present on very rare occasions. Our skilled fishmongers will also identify them as they fillet a fish – Mr Poli’s fish was sold un-filleted at his request.”

Sources: Metro, Wikipedia / Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons


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