36-Pound Cat, Meatball, Is Largest Cat Arizona Animal Shelter Has Ever Seen (Video)


Meet Meatball who weighs in at a whopping 36 pounds, making him one of the world’s fattest cats.

Meatball has been handed over to Maricopa County Animal and Control in Phoenix, Arizona, because his owners couldn’t care for him anymore, the Daily Mail reports.

The 4-year-old feline is four times the weight of an average cat and weighs more than a 3-year-old child. Melissa Gable, from the rescue center, believes Meatball’s obesity may be associated with his previous owners providing him a diet other than cat food since he showed an interest in apple sauce, which is often eaten with roast dinners.

“We’ve been told he’s only been fed cat food, but he doesn’t seem interested in that at all,” Gable said. “He seemed much more interested in the apple sauce I had at lunch so I think he may have been eating human food. Cat food isn't typically going to make a cat this large.”

Gable added that Meatball is the largest cat she’s ever seen and that he can’t move too quickly.

Meatball’s previous owners said they took him in from another owner and cared for the cat for six months before he began “having accidents around the house.” So, he was taken to the animal shelter where the staff have him on a strict diet.

According to IBNLive, the cat is not available for adoption, but instead, the shelter is trying to place him with a rescue organization that helps overweight cats.

He has glaucoma in one eye and his weight puts him at risk of other health problems.

The shelter says Meatball is extremely friendly and, despite the weight, he can walk comfortably.

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