Indiana Family Learns Their Dream Home Was Used to Cook Meth


After draining their life savings for a $144,000 mortgage, an Indiana family was in for a chilling surprise when they later discovered their dream home was contaminated with methamphetamine residue.

The Nugents had their own independent home inspector check for mold and damaged water pipes, but both parties never suspected that methamphetamine used to be cooked inside the residence.  

Initially, everything was fine -- right up until the family of five began to feel violently ill during the morning hours.

“They were sick every week,” Jenny Nugent said. “They would wake up. Throw up. Have digestive issues and then by noon, 1 o’clock start to feel better.”

The illnesses were occurring on a constant basis, so the Nugents began pondering the cause. Jenny noticed that the kitchen had a metallic smell that simply wouldn’t go away.

After weeks of sickness, the Nugent’s next-door neighbor shared his suspicions that the previous owner had been cooking methamphetamine inside the home. The Nugents quickly hired a company that did a methamphetamine contamination test on the premises. The procedure cost a mere $50.

“I am so grateful that we were fortunate enough to have really good neighbors," she said. "If it were not for them, we may have not known until one of our kids ended up in the hospital.”

The test results showed that the home had methamphetamine levels 18 times greater than that which is considered legally safe. The Nugent’s 10-month-old baby had been sleeping in a room contaminated with the toxic chemicals.

“Those test results came back, I remember that night we just pulled up in the driveway and were like, ‘we’re never going back in there other than to get our clothes,’ and we haven’t,” Chris Nugent said.

In order to resell the home, the Nugents had to hire a specialized cleaning team who are specially trained at removing methamphetamine residue. The procedure has to be immensely thorough, due to the methamphetamine molecules, which bind to the carpet, walls, and fixtures. The Nugents have been given a rough estimate, which states that the cleaning procedure will cost around $10,000.

The Nugents are currently suing their real estate agent, alleging that she knew methamphetamines had been cooked in the home because her son was the previous tenant. 


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