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WeedMaps: The Hot Marijuana Web Site

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By Allen St. Pierre

One of the fastest growing webpages in popularity regarding ‘marijuana’ is undoubtedly

Less than three years old, this marijuana consumer-friendly online service has leapfrogged in webpage traffic over traditionally popular and older cannabis-centric webpages such as CannabisCulture, High Times and, indeed, even NORML.

Why? The answer is easy.

Necessity is the mother of invention and in a number of states where there is above ground, genuine cannabis commerce (i.e., OR, CA, MT, CO, NM, MI, RI and ME), WeedMaps’ ring of webpages and mobile applications easily helps medical patients find the best quality/lowest priced cannabis products.

Part of WeedMaps’ business model is to work with and sponsor the advocacy of cannabis legalization organizations, projects and events. This makes imminent sense from a business perspective because when cannabis is legalized in most states for responsible adult use (like the way alcohol, tobacco and caffeinated products are sold, taxed and reasonably regulated), the relatively small market for medical cannabis consumers currently in these limited number of states is going to rapidly grow, and consumers will be scrambling for the best up-to-date information about price, quality, quantity and location.

Looking to future, the aligning of strategic goals for legalization between consumers that want to end the government’s long suffering Cannabis Prohibition (NORML) and businesses that want to deliver needed services to cannabis consumers (WeedMaps), should indeed make 2012 the most active year-to-date in the marijuana legalization movement with expected state initiatives in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and again in California.

In many of these states it will be the potent combination of dozens of cannabusinesses and thousands of cannabis law reformers working in concert that could well end eight decades of a failed prohibition on such a remarkably popular, utilitarian, easy-to-produce agricultural product.

Conversely, cannabis reform organizations that more readily support cannabis cultivators and sellers in hopes of maintaining today’s untenable ‘medical marijuana-only’ policies—which don’t favor consumer access, keeps the price of cannabis artificially (astronomically!) high and maintains a criminal justice system that arrests over 800,000 cannabis consumers annually—should logically and quickly fall out of public favor.

To wit, there are a number of businesses that support legalization organizations like NORML and they can be found at the ‘Businesses That Support NORML’ section.

In this vein, WeedMaps has kindly offered to help NORML upgrade the organization’s massive homepage and to make a donation to NORML for every product sold at WeedMaps as ‘a way to do good, while doing well’.

Cannabis karma exists.


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