Wedding Photog Has Couple Pose With Rifle; Shot Dead

A wedding photographer thought he came up with a great idea -- have a bride and groom pose holding hunting rifles. Bad idea -- one of the rifles accidentally went off, killing the photographer.

It happened over the weekend in Sicily, where it is tradition for people to fire off guns at family events. This time, though, tradition turned tragic.

Calogero Scimea, 45, was hit once in the head and died while the wedding party looked on in horror. The photo session was going on before the ceremony -- the bride and groom immediately postponed the wedding.

Police are being thwarted in their investigation because of another Sicilian tradition -- not cooperating with police. The groom's family faces possible criminal charges because the shooting happened at their house.

"What we are trying to establish is if the gun went off as it was being handled by the photographer, or if it went off as it was handed to him," said Col. Teo Luzi of the Palermo police. "But no one is being very talkative."

Sadly, Scimea wasn't even supposed to be there -- he was filling in for another photographer.

"He was only there as a favor for the wedding photographer who had originally been booked but had to pull out as he was ill," Luzi said.


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