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Bride Punches Disorderly Wedding Crasher In The Face (Photo)

Bride Punches Disorderly Wedding Crasher In The Face (Photo) Promo Image

A bride reportedly punched a man in the face after he crashed her wedding, fondled two underage girls, and attacked her father.

According to the Daily Mail, 25-year-old William Dickinson was charged with physical abuse of a child, disorderly conduct, and two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault following the incident.

Dickinson, who is from Kansas, was with two co-workers at the Best Western Hotel in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, when they decided to crash a wedding that was being held at the venue.

Patrick Smith, a friend of Dickinson's, told police that the goal by crashing the wedding was to "get laid."

Dickinson took things much too far when, at the wedding, he tried to dance with a couple teen girls who were 17 and one young woman of 18. Two victims said that Dickinson rubbed and squeezed their buttocks, while one 17-year-old said that Dickinson asked her to come to his hotel room with him. She declined the offer.

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According to The Smoking Gun, when a 14-year-old girl confronted Dickinson about his behavior, he pulled her hair, hurting her. This sparked a scuffle between Dickinson and several guests, during which the 25-year-old reportedly punched the bride's father in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Smith told police that Dickinson later said that guests at the wedding "were mad at him for dancing with the girls and accused him of being a pedophile."

Dickinson later admitted to punching the bride's father in the face, adding that he had planned to hit him more once he was on the ground, but that he "realized that he was so old" and stopped punching him. Dickinson also told police that he "liked to fight people."

When Dickinson approached the bride after attacking her father in an attempt to apologize to her, the bride reportedly punched him in the face. He later told police that he "probably deserved it."

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Dickinson was arrested but was freed from jail after posting the $1,000 bond.

Dickinson was ordered by a judge that he must have no contact with "any underage females," cannot contact any of the victims, and that he must "maintain absolute sobriety." He was told that he also must stay away from "any taverns, bars, or place where alcohol is primarily served/sold."

Daily Mail readers shared their thoughts on the story.

"When you have to resort to crashing any event to have some level of human interaction, it's time to work on your character," one reader commented.

"Only $1,000 bond?" another user wrote. "After he punched the bride's father and sexually assaulted two underage girls? It should have been more like $100,000!"

Sources: Daily MailThe Smoking Gun / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Eau Claire Police Department via Daily Mail, Max Pixel

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