Is This Weather Girl's Outfit Inappropriate? You Make The Call (Photos)

Footage of a scantily-clad Mexican weather girl has gone viral due to her disastrous wardrobe malfunction.

37-year-old Sugey Abrego is a popular TV weather presenter. One day, she happened to be wearing a tight pink tank top and denim short shorts while reporting on the weather.

Unfortunately, Abrego’s hot pants gathered in such a way that drew attention to her nether region in an unflattering way, claim some viewers.

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In spite of the wardrobe mishap, the weather girl continued to present the forecast smoothly, as if completely unaware of the situation.  

Some viewers uploaded the clip online and now online users are whipped up into a frenzy after watching the woman’s broadcast.

Abrego has not yet commented on the incident or attention she’s received over the hot pants, according to Daily Mail.

But Abrego is no stranger to international fame. The Mexican reporter has a large social media presence with over 90,000 Instagram followers.

She also posed for Mexican Playboy and has begun an acting career.

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Abrego isn’t the only weather girl to have a wardrobe malfunction on live TV.

Cristina Blackwell gave US audiences quite a view when her tight-fitting jeans gave her a camel toe, according to The Sun.

Viewers also got an eyeful after watching Mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia deliver a report with a newly plumped up derriere. Yanet denies plastic surgery, despite tripling the size of her bottom overnight.

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