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Wealthy Widow To Lose Mansion Over Undocumented Worker (Video)

Annie George, a wealthy widow, was convicted in March 2013 of harboring an undocumented immigrant in her Rexford, New York, mansion from 2005 until 2011.

George reportedly paid the Indian immigrant, Valsamma Mathai, only $21,000 for more than five years of work, which included taking care of six children.

George appealed her conviction, but the Second Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled against her on Wednesday, notes the Times Union.

Part of that judgement requires George to forfeit her 30,000-square-foot, multimillion-dollar mansion to the federal government.

The mansion is where the crime took place, so the feds are allowed to seize it under law.

Mathai testified in court during George's trial that she had to work 17-hour days with no time off and slept in a closet. George reportedly coached Mathai to tell people she was a family friend and not to reveal her true status.

Courthouse News notes that Mathai was removed from the mansion by the feds after her son in India called a human trafficking hotline.

According to prosecutors, Mathai should have been paid $317,144 for her years of work (including overtime), but she will not get any of the money.

For her part, George was only sentenced to eight months of house arrest and five years of probation, noted CBS6 Albany (video below).

George was also ordered to turn over her home to the government, which is why she appealed her case.

In 2009, the George family paid $1.88 million for the mansion, which is owned by a corporation made up of family members.

Sources: Times Union, Courthouse News, CBS6 Albany
Image Credit: CBS6 Albany Screenshot


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