Weak Dems Partially Responsible for Tragic Shootings

Yesterday afternoon in Southeastern Alabama, Michael McLendon, a 28-year-old former metal worker, went on a deadly shooting rampage. Armed with two assault weapons, a shotgun and a handgun, McLendon was able to kill his mother, grandmother, uncle, cousin, second cousin, a sheriff deputy's wife and 18-month-old child, and three other innocent bystanders before turning the gun on himself.

Sadly, this horrific shooting is one of thousands that take place in the United States each year resulting in over 12,000 gun homicides annually. With over 280,000 million guns in civilian hands in our country, it's not hard to imagine how easy it is to create such carnage.

Thanks to the intimidation and scare tactics churned out by the gun lobby, gun violence is a crisis that has gone largely unchecked for too long. Due to the gun lobby's influence, over the past decade the Democratic Party has gradually weakened their stance on gun control measures to the point where, other than a handful of courageous leaders, they have all but abandoned this issue.

If we are to end gun violence in America, we need to demand more from our legislators.  Every social issue in America has someone on their side championing their cause. It's time that the Democrats regain their footing. They need to stand up to the gun lobby and tell them what they already know:  MORE GUNS EQUAL MORE CRIME.



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