Anthony Weiner Allegedly Sexted, Skyped With Minor

Former congressman Anthony Weiner allegedly had a sexually explicit online relationship with a 15-year-old girl for several months.

The girl, whose identity is being protected because she is a minor, told the Daily Mail her relationship with Weiner began in January. She was a sophomore in high school at the time.

Weiner sent the girl numerous messages of a sexual nature, including images of himself shirtless. At one point he told her he was thinking about her and that doing so had made him "hard."

In an especially graphic message, Weiner detailed what he wanted to do to the girl.

"I would bust that tight p---- so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week," the message read.

The Daily Mail sat down for an interview with the girl and her father, who expressed concern that other underage girls may have been targeted by the former congressman.

"If there's anybody out there that has a similar story that they can come forward, maybe use my daughter's example to have the courage to come forward," he said.

While he was distressed to learn of his daughter's relationship with Weiner, he said he did not report it to the authorities because she had asked him not to.

"I agreed because her mental health is in jeopardy and I didn't want to exacerbate anything that she has mentally going on," he said.

For her part, the girl admitted to initiating contact with Weiner, and their early exchanges show that she was encouraging Weiner to sext, according to the Daily Mail. She said she had developed an obsession with the ex-congressman, and was attempting to write a book about him when they first began their communication.

After a number of private exchanges on Facebook and Twitter, Weiner acknowledged that the relationship was problematic.

"If anyone would get the wrong impression we should say goodbye now," he wrote.

However, instead of ending the relationship, Weiner began contacting the girl via chat applications that were more private. They also used Skype when the girl's parents were asleep or out of the house.

The Skype sessions eventually became sexual, with Weiner allegedly telling the girl to undress and masturbate on video.

"He would tell me to say his name as I was touching myself," she said. "He would ask me to take my clothes off. He would just have his shirt off. Sometimes he would grab his lower region, but that was about it."

Weiner would allegedly request that she dress up like a school girl.

"He would pretend like he was a teacher and I was a student," she said. "And he'd talk about me sitting in the front of his class, and him taking me after school."

The only thing that made her uncomfortable, she said, was Weiner's alleged "rape fantasies."

"He had some rape fantasies," she said. "It would just be him showing up at my house when my dad was out of town. And just start undressing me, being forceful, asking me if I want to be dominated, strange questions."

She said Weiner agreed to stop when she told him she was uncomfortable.

She also alleges that Weiner sent her nude images and shared pornographic videos with her.

By April, she was overcome with feelings of guilt, and that's when she decided to tell her father and one of her teachers about the relationship. Weiner was unhappy about it and allegedly pressured the teen to write letters to her father and teacher saying they were merely friends.

"After I told my teacher about the relationship, [Weiner] wanted me to email my dad and my teacher and tell them that what I said was false," she said. "That the conversations were appropriate and were never inappropriate, and he was very helpful."

She continued talking to Weiner until July, and has not talked to him since.

Weiner has reportedly admitted to sending "flirtatious" messages to the teen, but refused to comment on the specific allegations.

"I have repeatedly demonstrated terrible [judgment] about the people I have communicated with online and the things I have sent," he wrote to the Daily Mail. "I am filled with regret and heartbroken for those I have hurt."

In August, Weiner's wife, Human Abedin, announced that she and Weiner were separating.

"After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband," she wrote, according to CNN. "Anthony and I remain devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life. During this difficult time, I ask for respect for our privacy."

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN / Photo credit: AKM-GSI for ​Daily Mail

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