New Details Revealed About Ohio Family Massacre

Death certificates released May 27 reveal seven of the eight Ohio family members murdered in April were shot multiple times in the head.

Only 40-year-old Christopher Rhoden Sr. was shot somewhere other than the head, dying instead from "multiple gunshot wounds to the head, torso and extremity,” WXIX reports.

All were shot more than once except for Christopher’s brother, Kenneth, who died from one bullet to the head, the Daily Mail reports.

In April, members of or related to the Rhoden family were found dead in four different properties across Pike County, Ohio in a "cold-blooded, calculated massacre of eight human beings,” an Ohio attorney general said.

One of those killed include a 16-year-old boy, authorities say. A 20-year-old mother was also killed with her unharmed 4-day-old baby girl found next to her.

Another young child and baby were also found unhurt.

Investigators are still trying to gage motives and who the suspects are, with some wondering if this  was drug-related.

"This is certainly unusual. It's rare to have multiple deaths at the same time,'' said Bernie McKay, a probate lawyer at Frost Brown Todd, who specializes in wills, estates and trusts, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. "This is going to be a very complex case with a lot of attorneys."

Authorities discovered some of the crime scenes were being used for marijuana production. They are now investigating whether or not these murders were part of a greater turf war.

It has been revealed one of the bodies was covered in dollar bills when it was found.

Police are also looking into theories one of the victims was involved in a feud with a car racing rival.

Others speculate the investigation is not going well given how long it is taking, and the fact police have already received more than 500 tips so far.

When asked, a police spokeswoman said, “I wouldn’t say that ... we are looking for any clues that can be provided. We are looking for anything and everything.”

Sources: WXIX, Daily Mail, Cincinnati Enquirer / Photo credit: New York Daily News

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