‘We Need an Older White Guy Appreciation Day’ Says Fox News Host (Video)


Today on "Fox & Friends," Dana Perino, who worked in the Bush administration, said that Republicans are trying to broaden their base.

"It’s been beaten into our heads: You’re too old, you’re too white, you’re too male. And that is true demographically across the board," stated Perino, noted Talking Points Memo (video below).

Perino mentioned how college Republicans were working on campuses to get older GOPers elected (video below).

"I've been talking to a lot of the campaigns, it's impressive what the RNC has done to diversify its ranks. The communications efforts there are great," said Perino. “And a lot of them, also, are these young people who gave up their entire summers to help older white guys get re-elected and they deserve a little credit."

“We need, I think, an older white guy appreciation day,” added Fox News co-host Tucker Carlson, reports RawStory.com. “I think they’ve done a lot for this country and as one of them, I do. I do think that. Penicillin, that’s a contribution.”

Sources: Talking Points Memo, RawStory.com


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