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‘We Laughed So Hard Before Taking Him Out’: Chinese Family Put Their Baby Boy In Salad Bowl (Photos)

A Chinese family was making dinner one night and thought it would be funny to put an actual baby on baby leaf salad. So, they put their child in a serving bowl and covered him with lettuce as a joke. 

In one photo, the kid appears to be unhappy about being the centerpiece of the evening meal. But once he gets used to it, he looks like he’s taking a nap and doesn’t seem to be bothered by the leaf sitting atop his forehead.

His mother, Qu Yuan, said it was all in good fun, and made the entire family laugh so hard that their stomachs hurt. According to Metro, the family is from Liaoning Province in China.

The stunt brought laughs all around.

“He tried to get up, but he was too young to get up himself,” she said. “We laughed so hard before taking him out.”

What do you think of the joke? Funny or tasteless? Check out the photos below:

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Sources: Daily MailMetro


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