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Trump Supporter's Airplane Rant Goes Viral (Video)

A video (below) of a man declaring his support for President-elect Donald Trump and bashing supporters of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is going viral.

The clip, which was uploaded to Facebook by Emma Baum, has been shared nearly 12,000 times since it was posted on Nov. 22. It was filmed during a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta, Georgia, to Allentown, Pennsylvania, the Daily Mail reported.

"Didn't take long to notice that I'm back in 'Merica…" Baum wrote as the caption on her Facebook post.

"Donald Trump, baby!" the man is heard shouting in the video as he stands in the middle of the aisle, staring at other passengers. "We got some Hillary b----es on here?"

"Come on baby, Trump!" the man adds. "Donald Trump is your President. Every god damn one of you. If you don't like it, too bad."

Passengers on the plane appear either shocked or annoyed by the man's actions. Baum said flight attendants spoke with the man for about 15 minutes before he returned to his seat, the Daily Mail reports.

"This is what you get for being a patriot," the man reportedly said when he sat back down.

Several social media users expressed their outrage at the man in the video.

"This is the crap that needs to be nipped in the butt!" wrote one Facebook user. "If he was verbally challenged and outnumbered, he'd have shut his mouth. And he does have freedom of speech but he does NOT have the right to make anyone feel intimidated!!!"

"Wow," wrote another. How embarrassing. Completely unacceptable behavior on an airplane."

"And the silence is telling," another user observed. "And frightening. And encouraging to the the bully who stands in the aisle and shouts nice people down. This is how it starts…"

Sources: Daily Mail, Emma Baum/Facebook / Photo Credit: YouTube via Emma Baum/Facebook

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