Subject:  Kyra Phillips report of man in prison for Toyota wreck this morning.

I believe it is a shame; my wife experienced nearly the same thing although no lives were involved except her own.

It was a nice day in the summer or early fall of 2004 when my wife decided to go to the store.  She has done this many time after the purchase of a new  1989 Toyota Camry V6 in 89.  Little did she know that the next ten or 15 seconds would be the worst moments of her life.  She backed  out of the garage and proceeded down a 100 foot driveway to a residential street, as she approached the street to stop, before turning left on the street, she applied the brakes and the next few seconds nearly caused her death.  Instead of stopping, the car speed up, she panicked, pressing the brakes harder and the car spun forward, instead of a 90 degree turn it became 110 degree and in a second she was in the neighbor’s yard, pressing harder on the brakes, another second in thru another neighbor’s yard and into the corner of a brick garage…which stopped the car.  The third house from ours.   About 300 feet more or less.   She had her seat belt on.  There were no Air Bags in that model at that time.  Both the steering wheel and her body meet and she was hurt.  She walked home and got me.  I was astonished to see our car in another person yard, with bricks falling out of garage, 3 tires had blown from crossing the edge of a cement driveway.   The brakes for a V6 just did not have the power to stop the car and the car was always serviced by our local Toyota dealer. 

My wife was taken to the ER and released.  They said she would be sore for a time and she was.  It was hard for her to breath and she was sore both internally as well as the exterior.  In about 6 weeks the worst was over.

  The deputy charged her with failure to have the car under control and was fined.  The car was totaled as these pictures show. 

 The insurance company took care of the damages to our neighbor’s garage.

 Our auto insurance rates were increased.

We had no insurance for our loss.

 …and no one believed the answer for the cause .  When I pulled the floor mat from underneath the brake pedal. It had curved…between the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal.  The harder she pushed on the brakes, the faster the car went. 

We can believe the man in prison and hope that he is released.  We were lucky after learning of this man’s plight.

We loved our Camry.  I believe we would still be driving it today if it had not have happened.  It had less than 80,000 miles on it.  We replaced it with a 2005 Corolla and I have a 1994 Camry with over 140,000 miles.  We believe in the Toyota quality and do not know what to think about all the negative reports coming out…but I do hope that the person in prison will be released and compensated.

 We had the “Failure to have Vehicle under Control” We did not seek for compensation.  My wife now feels relieved that there are now others who would believe her story.  All that it needed was a little hook which other Toyota now have to keep the floor mat from sliding forward.


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