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We are debating. Right here, right now!

Dr. Greek states he has refuted my claim he cites scientists out of context.  He has not.  Amazingly, what he has done is provide a justification for it:

"We are justified in citing facts (and quoting researchers who do so) while rejecting interpretations."

I will explain.  The “facts” are the recognition by scientists of failures of some models.  The “interpretations” are the scientists’ explanations of how such knowledge can be used to gradually refine these models.  Finally, “rejecting” apparently means “ignore altogether”.   I must give credit here, however, to those that have pointed this out before me.

As for debates. We are debating right here, right now. I do not understand why Dr. Greek wants to shy away from the discussion.  Was he expecting to post here without an “opposing view”?  

As Dr. Greek knows very well, my family, colleagues and friends have been for years the targets of a campaign of harassment by animal right extremists that have terrorized our children, and set our homes and cars on fire. Their justification has been, in part, the belief that our work amounts to nothing more than “scientific fraud”.  They invariably cite Dr. Greek as the intellectual source for such information (including the press officers for the Animal Liberation Front).

While we have publicly thanked Dr Greek and others for condemning the violence against researchers, the fact remains that activists cite his opinion as providing the intellectual basis for their attacks.

Therefore, it should not be a surprise to anyone that I am here to defend and debate the value of the work we do.  I call on Dr. Greek to defend his opinion that the workings of the brain and its diseases can be elucidated without the use of animals. I want to know, exactly, how it can be done in humans.  

I have already challenged Dr. Greek to describe, in one paragraph, how anesthesia works without the use of concepts derived from animal research. This should not be difficult. He is an anesthesiologist!  The topic falls squarely within his expertise. His response so far:

"I must point out that I cannot comment on every subtopic of animals in research. There is simply not enough time."


The debate is on!  Dr. Greek should stop pretending we are not debating here.

Finally, for those of view that missed the UCLA panel discussion, you can find a brief statement about my opinion on the science and ethics of animal research here.


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