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Wayne LaPierre Responds to Mayor Bloomberg: He's 'Reckless' on Guns

On the heels of Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s announcement that he plans to finance the effort for more gun control, the CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA) decided to issue a response.

Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press this week, the extremely polarizing Wayne LaPierre essentially told Bloomberg that his efforts were all for naught.

"He can't spend enough of of his $27 billion to try to impose his will on the American public," he said.

LaPierre also noted that Bloomberg’s tendency to overreach has now extended beyond junk food consumption.

"They don't want him in their restaurants, they don't him in their homes, they don't want him telling them what food to eat, they sure don't want him telling them what self-defense firearms to own. And he can't buy America," LaPierre continued.

"He's so reckless in terms of his comments on this whole gun issue."

When host, David Gregory, tried to insist that the public supported the gun control reforms that Bloomberg was in favor of, LaPierre dismissed his claims.

"We have people all over, millions of people, sending us 5, 10, 15, 20 dollar checks saying stand up to this guy that says that we can only have three bullets, which is what he said," LaPierre said. "Stand up to this guy that says ridiculous things like, 'The NRA wants firearms with nukes on them.' I mean it's insane the stuff he says."

You can check out LaPierre’s Meet the Press interview in the video below.

(TPM, HuffPo)


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