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Wayne Klinkel Wants the Feds to Pay Him Back After Dog Eats Five $100 Bills

A Montana man is asking the federal government to reimburse him after his 12-year-old golden retriever consumed five $100 bills.

Klinkel and his wife allegedly took a road trip to visit their daughter in Denver at Christmastime. When they stopped for dinner one evening, they left their dog Sundance in the vehicle. Upon their returned a $1 bill and a half-chewed $100 bill were sitting on the driver’s seat. The dog ate the rest of the cash, a total of $500.

Klinkel told The Independent Record that when he discovered what Sundance had done, “I thought ‘You dumb SOB,’ I couldn’t believe he did that.”

“Sundance is notorious for eating anything and everything, so right away I knew what happened,” he added.

He said he followed Sundance for the rest of the vacation, using plastic gloves to retrieve the indigestible bills from his feces.

“I pretty much recovered two fairly complete bills, and had some other pieces,” he said. “But it wasn’t nearly enough there to do anything with it.”

Recently when his daughter visited him in Montana, she brought a bag containing more pieces of a $100 bill. She said they found it in her yard after the snow had melted.

Klinkel says he tried taking the soiled bills to exchange them at a local bank, but the tell said, “We can’t take these because we would have to give them to another customer.”

The bank told him that the protocol in his situation is for the customer “to send the mutilated currency, at their own expense and risk” to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

“The Department of the Treasury sends a check directly to the customer when they deem the currency redeemable,” stated bank policy.

The bureau’s website says that processing his claim could take up to two years. An “experienced mutilated currency examiner” will review the bill, and if at least 51 percent of a bill is present it could be eligible for reimbursement.

Sources: Inquistr, Fox News


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