Watch: This Is Why You Don’t Propose On A Paddle Boat (Video)


There is a reason why people like to get down on one knee for proposals. It’s a quick, easy and efficient method for getting the job done.

For some reason, though, there are a lot of 'creative' people in the world who feel like the simplest route isn’t optimal for them. They go for riskier, more elaborate plans. Those plans are great when they work out. When they don’t, though, well…you’re left with predicaments like this.

When you get down on knee and end up dropping your ring, that just becomes a funny little blooper you and your significant other can laugh about later. When you propose in a paddle boat and end up dropping the ring – that’s a deal breaker.

Multiple outlets reached out to the folks in this video, but there has been no confirmation as to whether the ring was ever found or what eventually happened to the happy couple.


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