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Usain Bolt Observes US Anthem In Mid-Interview (Video)

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In the wake of Usain Bolt's gold medal win in the 100-meter dash at the Rio Olympics, a viral video of the "world’s fastest man" from four years ago has resurfaced and is gaining popularity for the second time.

A clip of the Jamaican runner being interviewed after his 2012 London Olympics win was reposted online.

The footage shows Bolt talking to a Mexican reporter from Sunda about his win, according to The Gateway Pundit. “It was all about business today. I came to defend out to defend my title and that’s what I did.”

The journalist continues to ask Bolt more questions as the U.S. national anthem starts to play in the background. He abruptly interrupts her, asking if the broadcast is live, to which she replies yes. Bolt then stops to observe the anthem and place his hand on his heart.

The journalist explains that the U.S. national anthem is playing in Spanish as the camera zooms in on Bolt’s face, which appears to be moved by emotion.

As soon as the anthem ends, the journalist continues with the interview.

Video of the incident was posted by a radio personality in Denver, Colorado, who shared it on Facebook, according to WXIA. The video got more than 505,000 likes and 495,000 shares, with over 33,000 comments.

However, many users seem to think the footage is recent, despite the track behind Bolt being red (the track in Rio is blue).

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, WXIA / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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