Watch What This Mom Goes Through To Put Her Twins To Bed (Video)

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Raising twins is more than a full time job. Want proof? Check out this video.

Reddit user Jonassen86 posted a video to reddit recently showing his sister trying to put her young twin sons to bed.

The mother, who first posted the video to her blog, says her twins normally sleep in the same room, but she separated them for a night as a test. Apparently it takes hours to get her boys to sleep, and a friend suggested she try putting them to bed in separate rooms.

It didn’t go well:

The mom says the boys now sleep in the same room again. Even so, her daily grind to get them to sleep sounds exhausting. Check out this excerpt from her blog:

“After we have spoken a few minutes about how their day was, I tickle their backs and sing for them. I’ve tried to read books for them, but they aren’t interested in listening to me reading, so I sing instead. I keep tickling and singing until they are asleep, sometimes it’s 5 minutes and other times it’s an hour.

Leon normally wakes up after an hour or two, and I end up carrying him into my bed, to prevent him from waking up Nathaniel. I tickle and sing for a few minutes again, and Leon is once again asleep. Normally an hour later, Nathaniel wakes up and walks straight into my room…”

I think Mom is due a round of applause.


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