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Watch What Happens When You Boil Fanta (Video)

Coca-Cola tastes good and it is controversial, and apparently, you can turn Coke into a sugary sludge after boiling it down. But what would happen to other soft drinks owned by the beverage company when you boil it?

Earlier this month, Opposing Views reported on a video that surfaced on YouTube showing water evaporate from boiling Coke, leaving behind a sticky black sludge.

This also happens with Coca-Cola’s other company-owned brands, including Fanta.

In a new YouTube video posted on June 15 (below), the boiling process is similar, but this time a small amount of Fanta is used instead of Coke. Three minutes into the video, most of the water in the soda has evaporated and becomes more viscous. The color of the drink turns darker and caramelized sugar is what is left.

It might be interesting to watch, but health-conscious people will probably find it disgusting to see how much sugar is used in products created by Coca-Cola.

In 2013, the American Heart Association Meeting Report wrote that nearly 180,000 deaths every year may be caused by the consumption of sugary soft drinks.

Sources: YouTube, American Heart Association


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