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Black Lives Matter, Counter-Protesters Brought Together

Protesters from Black Lives Matter and a group of counter-demonstrators came together July 10 following separate earlier protests in Dallas.

The incident was captured on video and photos were taken which were widely circulated, according to WKYC.

Protests broke out across the country after two police killings of black men were captured on video last week. At a Black Lives Matter Protest July 7, loan gunman Micah Johnson shot and killed five police officers and wounded seven more.

“It’s time for us to stop this today!” one man says in the video, according to WKYC. “No more walls!”

The opposed groups were brought together after an hour of protesting on opposite sides of the street.

“I do believe that black lives matter, but all lives matter; it’s not just one race,” Conner McCasland, one of the counter-demonstrators, told the Dallas Morning News. “Not saying what they are doing over there is wrong though.”

He added that he was there to support the police, who were “risking their lives for us.”

Britny Morrison was one of the Black Lives Matter protest organizers July 10.

“We are not against each other, we are all on the same page,” Morrison told the Morning News. “Black Lives Matter does not mean all lives don't matter. It just means that black lives are being taken at an alarming rate.”

“Today we mark history, today we're going to show the rest of the country how we came together,” Joseph Offut, a counter-demonstrator, who wore a t-shirt reading “Red White Blue,” added.

President Obama is due to visit the city July 12.

Ty Hardaway, another Black Lives Matter protester, explained how he hoped things would go forward.

“We need that dialog so we can get understanding,” said Hardaway. “The police need to explain to us their mentality, then, whether we like it or not or disagree, we need to be receptive to listen. Then they need to listen to our side.”

After crossing the street to embrace each other, both groups of protesters prayed together.

A police officer tasked with overseeing the protests joined in.

“I’ve seen a lot of protests, but I've never seen them come together like that,” Jeff Hall, the officer, told the Morning News. “Makes me feel great to see people with such differences come together and work it out.”

Sources: WKYC, Dallas Morning News / Photo credit:

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