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Watch What This Couple Did While A News Reporter Covered Eric Garner’s Death (Video)

A New York couple decided to get themselves on TV by re-enacting Eric Garner’s death behind a news reporter who was covering the story.

According to the Daily Mail, WPIX’s Allison Kaden was at the Rockerfeller Center on Wednesday night covering both the treelighting ceremony that was taking place and the protests that were going on in the area. Demonstrators had flooded the streets earlier in the day after a Staten Island grand jury opted not to indict the officer who was captured on camera restraining Garner in a manner that ultimately led to his death.

As Kaden updated viewers at home on what was going on in the area, a couple appeared in the background and re-enacted Garner being choked out by Officer Daniel Pantaleo.

You can check out the entire scene in the video below. 

Sources: The Daily Mail, Youtube / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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