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Beautiful Video Shows Two Former Circus Elephants Reuniting After 20 Years Of Separation (Video)

Studies say that there may be some truth behind the saying “elephants never forget,” and a touching video showing the reunion of two crippled elephants may actually prove that.

Shirley and Jenny were both circus elephants together in the late 1970s, and 22 years later, they were brought back together. Luckily, the momentous reunion was captured on camera, and even years later, it is still emotional to watch.

"Jenny came into the barn for the first time since Shirley's arrival at around 7:00 p.m. There was an immediate urgency in Jenny's behavior,” said Carol Buckley, executive director of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee at the time of the reunion in 1999. “She wanted to get close to Shirley who was divided by two stalls. Once Shirley was allowed into the adjacent stall the interaction between her and Jenny became quite intense. Jenny wanted to get into the stall with Shirley desperately. She became agitated, banging on the gate and trying to climb through and over. After several minutes of touching and exploring each other, Shirley started to ROAR and I mean ROAR—Jenny joined in immediately. The interaction was dramatic, to say the least, with both elephants trying to climb in with each other and frantically touching each other through the bars. I have never experienced anything even close to this depth of emotion.”

Take a look at the awesome reunion of two separated friends below.

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(via The Meta Picture)


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