2 Young Men Attempt to Rob Jewelry Store, End Up Fleeing When Owner Pulls out Shotgun


Two young men’s failed attempt at robbing a jewelry store in Fresno, California, was captured on the store’s surveillance camera.

The two men entered Marlene’s Jewelry last Friday, pretending to be customers.

As seen on the video, one of the suspects soon pulls out a handgun and demands cash and jewelry.

His would-be accomplice then pulls out his cellphone and tries to hop over the counter, only to lose his balance and nearly fall as he slides back off the countertop.

Meanwhile, the store’s owner, Soledad Castaneda, was in the back of the store with his daughter and her newborn child.

When Castaneda heard his employee screaming that the store was being robbed, he reportedly grabbed his own shotgun and rushed to confront the two amateur robbers.

The surveillance video doesn’t show Castaneda or his weapon, but it does show shock and fear overtaking the suspects’ faces when emerges from the back of the store.

One suspect – the one who had failed to jump over the counter – can be seen dropping to the ground and heading for the door. He allegedly yelled for his accomplice to shoot the store owner.

The other suspect, who was holding the gun, ignored his companion’s instructions and also fled.

Castaneda has expressed anger at the young criminals who came in, put his family in harm’s way and tried to steal from the business they’d worked so hard to build.

Castaneda’s brother, Jose Llamas, has said that the two criminals should consider themselves “very lucky” that his brother did not shoot them. Now that the family is safe, however, he noted that he can’t help laughing at the thieves’ unpreparedness.

No injuries were reported.

Police believe the suspects to be as young as 17 years old, and are currently searching for both of them.

Sources: The Blaze, ABC 30

Photo Sources: The Blaze, KMPH


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