Watch: NRA VP Wayne LaPierre Responds to President Obama’s State Of The Union (Video)

During Tuesday night's State of the Union address, President Barack Obama did his best to devote an equal amount of time to every important issue facing the United States today. The economy, education, healthcare, D.C. gridlock and voting rights were all mentioned at one point or another.

Towards the end of his speech, President Obama touched on an issue near and dear to the heart of every American: violence. With memories of Sandy Hook and Aurora still fresh, President Obama stressed the importance of every citizen feeling safe and the steps that needed to be taken in order for that goal to become a reality.

While everyone agrees on the general idea of doing whatever is necessary to prevent violence, not everyone agrees with the President’s approach. He wants stricter gun control. The other side insists that addressing everything from violence on TV to mental health should be a bigger priority.

On Thursday afternoon, NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre will offer a response to the President’s State of the Union Address. Obviously he will tackle the issue of gun control, but he will also presumably delve into the importance of addressing mental health and violent imagery in our society.

Given the reactions Mr. LaPierre’s past statements have garnered, this promises to be a can’t-miss event.  

Coverage begins at 2:15 p.m pacific time. You can watch it live on Opposing Views and respond with your thoughts in the comments section below.


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