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Watch This Man Miraculously Save A Baby Who Fell From A Window Ledge (Video)

The miraculous save of a one-year-old boy who fell from a second-story window was caught on tape by CCTV.

According to reports, a random bystander, known as Mr. Li, was walking by a building in China when he noticed the one-year-old standing on the window ledge looking at the thunderstorm outside while climbing out to search for his mother. A crowd of people gathered outside of the building and put things down on the ground to help cushion the fall, while others ran into the building in the hopes of getting to him before he fell.

When the boy eventually fell, Mr. Li was in the right position and, miraculously, was able to save the boy’s life.

“I didn't think too much at the time,” said Mr. Li. “I was just afraid of failing to catch him. It was nothing but instinct to do so.”

Despite the pouring rain, Mr. Li was able to catch and hold onto the boy mere moments before he would have hit the ground.

The young boy was quickly placed into the arms of a woman believed to be his mother. Check out the heart-stopping catch below.

Sources: Daily Mail, Business Insider,The Christian Post


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