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Woman Surprises Her Husband With News Of Her Pregnancy In Unique Way (Video)

An expectant mother wanted to surprise her husband with the news of her pregnancy in a unique way, and she caught his reaction on camera.

Rachel Munger gave her husband, Dale, the surprise of his life after she made a small care package filled with clues about her pregnancy, the Daily Mail notes.

“I’ve got a surprise,” she tells her husband.

“Is this going on YouTube?” he asks as he opens the box.

“No,” Rachel replies.

But the video (below) ended up on YouTube on Nov. 13, garnering more than 1 million views as of this writing.

A writer for the site Jezebel notes: “That's a relationship built on the solid foundation of lying to your partner about your social media intentions. I love every single thing about this.”

Dale laughs as he pulls out a photo of a cartoon family. He then finds a pair of black and white baby shoes hidden behind the picture.

The Army engineer looks up at his wife in complete shock.

“Are you pregnant?” he asks several times.

Dale’s reaction to the news is priceless: ”Shut the f*** up! Are you pregnant? Whaaaaaaat!”

Rachel wrote in the video description: “He was REALLY excited.”

The couple, who live in Anchorage, Alaska, welcomed a baby girl on Nov. 1.

Sources: Daily MailJezebel / Video Source: mungerrachel1/YouTube


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