Watch: A Hot Ball Of Nickel Dropped In Water Makes Awesome Sounds


A red-hot ball of nickel is about to put some sound effect technicians out of a job.

A YouTube video uploaded by user carsandwater shows the awesome sounds produced by dropping a hot ball of nickel into a pot of water.

As soon as the ball hits the water, it makes a noise that sounds like two swords clashing together. Next, as a vapor zone around the ball collapses, it lets off a series of “pew-pew” sounds that seem like they’re straight out of a video game. Then, it makes a noise that sounds like a fighter jet is flying overhead.  I promise I’m not making this up!

The sounds are produced by a phenomenon called the Leidenfrost effect. The effect occurs when an object  that is significantly hotter than a liquid's boiling point is dropped into the liquid. The liquid forms an insulating vapor layer around the object to prevent itself from boiling too quickly.

In the below video, the sounds are produced both when the Leidenfrost effect takes place and as it wears off.

Who knew a hot ball of nickel could be so cool? Check it out:

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