Here's What Happened When These Workers Discovered Their Factory Jobs Are Moving To Mexico (Video)


A YouTube video posted on Feb. 11 of workers reacting to an Indianapolis, Indiana company announcing 1,400 layoffs and a move to Mexico recently went viral (video below).

In the video, Carrier Heating and Air president Chris Nelson is heard announcing the company plans to undergo a three-year-long transition to Mexico, starting in 2017.

Employees can be heard reacting with boos, yells and vulgar language. One person even yells, "f--- you." Nelson clarified that the move was "strictly a business decision," but the crowd continued to react negatively. 

"This decision is difficult and we recognize the impact on employees, their families and the community. We are committed to ensuring that our employees are treated respectfully and to working closely with their representatives throughout this transition," Nelson later said in a statement.

Carrier employee Dominique Anthony, who has been with the company for 13 years, said they were "taking away from the community" by moving operations to Mexico, WISH reports.

"I have almost 16 family members that work there at Carrier. They have to go and tell our family that we have lost our jobs to feed our family," he said.

Anthony said he and his family plan to continue showing up to work until the day their termination comes.

Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly of Indiana responded to the decision, saying that it was "disappointing."

"We have an outstanding workforce in Indianapolis, Huntington and across our state, and I remain committed to making sure every Hoosier who wants a job has a job. Our office stands ready to assist workers and families impacted by these decisions and to work with local, state and federal partners," Sen. Donnelly said. 

Watch the intense clip below.

Sources: WISH, MailOnline / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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