Car Driven Off The Back Of A Tow Truck (Video)

Getting your car towed is a bummer -- it's expensive and wastes a lot of time.

One London man was so opposed to having his car hauled away recently that he hopped on to the back of the tow truck and reversed his car right off. The car made a loud thud upon hitting the ground, but looked to have still been drivable.

The desperate act was caught on film and posted to YouTube, and has been watched over 430,000 times since Monday.

Check this out:

Despite the apparent danger caused by the man’s decision, London police say no criminal charges will be filed. The incident took place in the Waltham Forest area of east London. Upon seeing the footage, Waltham Forest councilor Clyde Loakes called it “shocking” and said the driver had “utter disregard” for the safety of anyone on the road.

Sources: Metro, YouTube


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