Watch Group Of Guys Narrowly Escape Flying Microwave (Video)

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A bunch of dudes decided to shoot at a microwave full of explosives in an open field. What could possibly go wrong?

“Probably worth mentioning that it had explosives in it at the time. Shooting a microwave on its own - not that dangerous,” a reddit user wrote, with some adding that the microwave was most likely filled with tannerite.

According to Wired magazine, tannerite is a commercially available “exploding target” for recreational rifle shooting, and consists of a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder. Exploding targets are legal and available at sporting-goods stores and websites, where they are sold for relatively cheap.

Other reddit users commented on how “scary” the stunt was and that the guys are “lucky” to be alive. Check out the following YouTube video:

Their close call is even more astonishing when you watch the gif below. They’re very lucky indeed.

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Hat Tip: The Huffington Post

Sources: reddit (2), Wired


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