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Watch Family Of Black Bears Chase Yellowstone Tourists (Video)

A group of tourists at Yellowstone National Park was admiring a few young black bears when the mother bear decided the fun was over and started chasing after them.

The entire incident was caught on video by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, embedded below.

Park Ranger John Kerr can be heard in the video yelling for the tourists to keep moving, reports The Daily Mail.

"Keep going! Go! Go!" Kerr said.

The bears chased the tourists across a bridge, and some appeared to target specific individuals.

The entire scene appeared a bit chaotic, with people scattering everywhere, but one thing was clear: the bears were moving fast.

Although there were no attacks or injuries during the incident, the story still serves as a cautionary tale.

"A mama bear with cubs is not something you want to get near to at all," Jack Hanna, director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, told ABC News. "These bears do wake up in warmer weather. They're thirsty and hungry and they come out. This is their time of year."

Wildlife experts say the best defense against bears is to keep a safe distance. Yellowstone National Park requires visitors to maintain a distance of at least 100 yards from bears.

“These tourists were absolutely in danger,” said Bob Gibson, communication and education program manager for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. “Black bears are usually shy of people. But you put them with their cubs and they get really protective. You never want to be between a bear and its cub.”

Sources: ABC News, The Daily Mail

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail


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